Our Team

  1. Consulting Psychiatric Doctor.
    Their role is to ensure that all our clients are assessed for any mental or medical conditions, making diagnosis, prescribing treatment and ensuring that their general health is taken care of.
  2. Psychiatric Nurse.
    Their role is to coordinate with the Doctor as part of the multidisciplinary team to offer the most appropriate care to our clients as well as reassuring them during their time in treatment.
  3. Psychologists.
    Their role is to conduct psychological assessments to our clients and helping them work through any underlying and unresolved and empowering them with healthy life coping skills.
  4. Addiction Counselors.
    These are equiped with technical expertise, knowledge and skills in the field of addiction and they use this to work with our patients in choosing a life of recovery.
  5. Chef/Cooks
    This team ensures that balanced meals are prepared and served to meet our clients nutritional needs.
  6. Security Personnel.
    These ones ensure that the safety and security of the clients and the institution is guaranteed at all times.
  7. Housekeepers
    They ensure that the facility remains homely, clean and neat at all times.
  8. Gardeners
    Their role is to ensure that the environment that our clients interact with is well taken care of, well natured and therapeutic.