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Welcome to Cornerstone Rehab Centre

Welcome to cornerstone rehab center, tailored programs that offer effective and compassionate help. Cornerstone offers a holistic approach of care-giving that focuses on mind, body, and spirit. Cornerstone rehab center provides an eclectic, nonjudgmental and client centered professional treatment to persons presenting with substance abuse disorders and their significant others. At cornerstone we are convinced that drug and alcohol abuse is a treatable and manageable illness. With timely and appropriate diagnosis, care and management, addicted people can regain their functioning skills back and become productive members of the community. Our program objective is geared towards that realization.

Our core values
Treatment with dignity – Ethical practice-Respect-Honesty-Confidentiality-Nondiscrimination.
Vision – To be a force to recon with in mental health care and substance abuse treatment in the region and beyond.
Mission – To be the model treatment facility in offering informative, educative and preventive care in the management of substance abuse through evidence based approaches.
Philosophy – Hope and restoration.

Our program offers unique features that provide a unique approach to treatment and management of substance abuse problems. These features include;

A home away from home environment where the clients relax, share and integrate with others in a therapeutic setting.


An intensive and personalized treatment approach.


Highly skilled and experienced addiction and mental health specialists with a 24hr residential support.


Psychiatric and psychotherapy services provided by experienced and qualified staff.


A hands on support and education to family members and significant others as part of the treatment process.

About us

Meet our team

Our team is qualified, experienced and passionate about treating addiction.
We believe that there is always hope and every person is capable of changing.

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John Paul

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